• Tina

What are Virtual Parties?

Updated: Apr 5

When life keeps us apart, there are always ways to make connections.

As two best friends separated by a few hundred miles, Virtual Parties have been the norm for me and Val for years. We regularly spend Friday evenings on a video call, glass of wine in-hand, catching up and putting the world to rights. Social distancing means that more people than ever are turning to digital platforms to connect with others - so what better way than to arrange a Virtual Party with your friends?!

We're passionate about working with small businesses - being self employed, I know how difficult it is during the current period of uncertainty. Virtual parties offers a great marketing opportunity for artisan home-made brands and small businesses a way of building lasting relationships with new customers.

How do I host an online Party?

We've connected with some of the most talented small business owners to create informative - and more importantly, fun! - virtual parties that you can enjoy with friends. With more and more businesses coming on board, we're hoping to expand our offering soon!

Invite your friends

Once you've chosen a session, invite your friends and gather their details. We'll send you each a kit in the post depending on which option you've chosen, so you all have everything you need to participate.

All you need to do then is log on during your booked time and enjoy the party!

My friends aren't interested - can I still take part?!

We host regular meet and greet sessions which will allow you to participate with other members of the Virtual Parties community. It's a great way to chat to others, make new friends and connect with people around the country. We'll even add you to our exclusive Facebook group so you can continue the conversation after the session has finished!

​Want to get involved? Message us for more information!